A Busy week

Hi guys! What’s up? I know you are all thinking “She’s finally doing a blog post! “. Well I ‘m not sure that you actually are, but I know that I would think that. 🙂  The reason I have not posted a blog post for a long time, is that I have been sick with a bad cold.

As it has been a long time, I shall now tell you about all of  my key events of last week:

First, I will tell you about Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Those three days were not regular school days with Maths, English and all of that. This was because, some people were going to Arethusa.

Arethusa is venture centre in Kent. It is EXTREMLY fun. At Arethusa, you do lot of fun sport activities, which include: Rock Climbing, Swimming, Archery and lots of other great things. Also, you sleep in small dormitories!  And the food is DELICIOUS!

In my school, we get to go there with our class in Year 3 and Year 4.  You get the choice to go once or twice. I went last year, therefore I did not see the point to go again.

A mix of Year 3 and Year 4 went to Arethusa. The rest of the people who were not going, stayed at school. To make it fair, we did not have regular lessons, but we did fun activities and experiments.

I am now going to tell you some of the fun things we did:

We made Magic Mud (using Corn Starch and Water), we had an Egg Drop Contest, we made our own Board Games, we played Speed Stacks and many more. As you can see I had three great days.

As you know I go to a community music centre. Every Wednesday, I attend Band Workshop lessons. You get to play a range instruments there. I craved to go on drums, however there was a problem… someone else wanted to go on drums! 😦 DISASTER!

The person who wanted to go on drums was also very good at playing the Electric Guitar. The teacher asked me if I would like to play the Electric Guitar but I said no, as I am not good at it and I would wreck the song. He thought for a moment. He decided to put the other boy on to the Guitar and let me go onto Drums. Once I had heard those Glorious words my heart leapt for joy!!!! But I looked across the room and saw that the other boy had a sad face and was beginning to cry. 😦

The teacher spoke to him and asked him if he trusted him. In the end the poor boy had gotten over it.

Later on, I was even more happier to hear that we would be playing one of my favourite songs… Take Me Home by Jess Glynne! 🙂 I had so much fun playing the drums and I am so excited for next week’s lesson.

Finally, I am going to tell you about my Karate class, like I said I would.

On Fridays, I now attend Karate classes. Last week it was my second lesson, however it was meant to be my third. I missed the lesson before last, as I was sick like you  know. I will not tell much, as it is quite hard to summarise this event. I will tell you a bit about my warmup. First we had to do some simple lunges and kicks across the room. After,(here comes the killer…) we had to run to the end of the room and do 1 push up and run back to do 2 push ups the run to the other end of the room and so on until 5 push ups . Next, we did exactly the same thing but with Sit ups, followed by Burpees and finally Tuck jumps. As you would expect I exhausted after that! Later on, we practiced our kicks and punches. Lastly our sensei gave us all homework. My homework was to learn how to count in Japanese! 1= ichi, 2=ni, 3=san, 4=shi, 5=go…


So that’s it for today but stay tuned next time I will show you  how to make a Kreative Project! 🙂 AUREVOIR!



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