Special Announcement!

Hi guys! What’s up? I know I have just posted, but I would like to announce something… 😊!
As I know there are a lot of foodies out there, I have decided to do 5 WEEKS of FOOD!!! I will do a post every week and write a recipe for food it would either be a dessert, a meal or a snack! If any of you out there would like to suggest anything, go to contact on my blog and my email would be there, however don’t tell me how to make it, I will look it up! And don’t forget to see if your idea is used!
So that’s it for today! AU REVOIR!
P.S. Eid Mubarak to any Muslims!

Talk about Summer

Hi guys! What’s up? The first thing I want to say is… IT’S SUMMER!!!!!!! Ok; now is the time when everybody is in flip flops and are basking in the sun. I don’t mind doing that, I mean I LOVE wearing flip flops and I think it’s relaxing to go out in the sun. But there’s an issue for me… ☹

Lately, whenever I’ve been going out in the warming sun my skin begins to get EXTREMELY itchy because of my Eczema. For those of you out there who do not know what it is, it’s a skin illness and you have dry skin and is always itchy. Sometimes it can be major or it’s not so much of a big deal. And here’s another reason. I do not tolerate heat well, for me even London is ABSOLUTELY scorching!!! I always feel fainty! And last of all … (this may break most of people’s hearts who are reading this so I am going to bring it easy on you)… I HATE SUMMER!!!!!!!!! Also, I have a perfectly good reason to hate it, in summer I am more, sick than I am in winter.

Any way enough complaining about summer! Let’s go onto the main two reasons I chose to talk to you today. As a lot of you may know, this month for Muslims it is Ramadan. It is the month of fasting. Fasting is when you do not drink or eat from sunrise to sundown. As I am a child I am no obliged to do it, however I decide to do some of the day. Well, that’s all you need to know!

The second thing I want to talk to you about is McDonald’s! I am sure this subject will get you all jumping up on your feet. On Thursday, my mum and I were in Greenwich as we were on our way to my guitar lesson. There is a McDonald’s there and it was an INCREDIBLY hot day, therefore we decided to buy a Raspberry Ripple Ice Cooler. It was SCRUMPTIOUS! A couple days after, we realised we could make our own ice cooler! Here is a small recipe:


–         Vanilla ice cream

–         Ice cubes

–         A berry flavoured squash or syrup


Put the ice cream in with the ice. Blend for a bit. Pour the squash or syrup into the blender and carry on blending. Blend until it is like a sort of liquid. Pour into a glass and enjoy! 😊

So that’s it for today! AU REVOIR!!!

P.S  I want you to say happy birthday to three people in my class who are Lewis, Jayvan  and Anthony whose  all birthdays were recent! 😊

raspberry ripple

Talk about holidays

Hi guys! What’s up? I AM FINALLY DOING ANOTHER BLOG POST!!! The reason I haven’t done one in so long is that, I haven’t had any exciting things going on in my life.

I wrote in capitals because I am so angry at myself. I have realised that even if I don’t have anything exciting going on, I can still talk to you lot! All this time, I could have shown you how to make a Kreative Project or just say HI!

Anyway, enough of the shouting. I haven’t dragged myself to my laptop and made my poor fingers work SO hard and press the keys to MOAN! Certainly not! I am here to be happy and talk.

You know how I said I haven’t had anything exiting going on? Well something exciting FINALLY happened! YAAAAAAAAAY! 😊

Once I tell you guys what happened, you’re going to think that I’m crazy that I haven’t mentioned this earlier on in the week and I am truly sorry.

From the 4th of April to the 13th I was in the SOUTH of FRANCE

Another reason I haven’t written on my blog about France, is that I was enjoying the countryside and also was seeing my family and spending days with them.

In case you were wondering which family I have there, I have family from my mum’s side. My mum and I go there once every year mainly to see my grandparents. I call them Mamy and Papy.

So now that I have told you the main reason I went there, I’m going to tell you a bit about what I did one day with my aunty and uncle!

First of all, they took my mum and I to a restaurant. We all ordered burgers, except my uncle, who ordered a sort of a piece of raw meat, with raw egg and some salad. I have absolutely no idea how he could eat raw meat and egg, but then again we all have different tastes. 😊

Moving on to the second thing I did on my day out with my aunty and uncle!

Sadly, I will not tell you everything we did, as it was such an active day.

Later in the day, we went to a small restaurant called Le Petit Jardin, which in English Means, The Small Garden. We ate DELICIOUS desserts, which filled up our stomachs! I ordered a crepe covered in Nutella, my mum took the same with a sort of pink whip cream and my uncle and aunty both took a big shell with some ice cream, fruit and the pink whip cream.

Well this, I’m afraid is about it I’m going to tell you about my day but I want you to all know that I had a great time in France and had a lovely Easter holiday and that I hope you had a great one too! 😊

So that’s it for today! AUREVOIR!

P.S. I Hope you all join me in wishing Claire (my teacher assistant) a very happy 21st birthday, as it was hers yesterday!

Pancake day!

Hi guys! What’s up? The first thing I’d like to say is … HAPPY PANCAKE DAY!!!!!! Yes, you heard me it’s that GLOURIOUS day of the year when we get to eat a whole meal of JUST pancakes! Just thinking of it makes my mouth water! Without no doubt, I can guarantee you that homemade pancakes are 1000 times better that those ones that you get in the supermarket. Therefore, with no hesitation, I am going to tell you how to make 10 pancake in just 30 minutes!!!!  🙂

You will need a:

Wisk or a wooden spoon

Measuring jug

A mixing bowl

A frying pan


. 100g of plain flour

. 2 large eggs

. 300ml milk

. A few drops of vanilla essence

. Butter for frying



  1. Sieve the flour into the mixing bowl and both off the eggs and slowly pour the milk in. Using the whisk, mix everything! Your batter should be a sort of thick liquid that you can pour.

TIP: make sure your batter has no lumps!


  1. Put your frying pan on the hob. It doesn’t matter how big it is; it’s your choice in sizing! Turn the hob on medium heat and let it warm up. As soon as it’s warm, put a little bit of butter on the pan and swirl it around.
  2. Once your pan is ready, pour some batter in and leave it to cook on one side for around a minute


  1. FLIP IT!!!


  1. Cook the pancake on the other side for another minute. You should now have a golden-brown treat!


  1. Repeat steps 2-6 until you have finished all your batter! Now you have the choice of topping! 🙂


Topping ideas:

. ‘The Classic’- Lemon juice and sugar (I find this on revolting!)

. ‘The Brain Freeze’ – Ice Cream and any dessert sauce

 And finally, the one that I made up: ‘The Ella Berry’ – Nutella and strawberries,


So that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed your pancakes and next time try my recipe! AUREVOIR!

A Busy week

Hi guys! What’s up? I know you are all thinking “She’s finally doing a blog post! “. Well I ‘m not sure that you actually are, but I know that I would think that. 🙂  The reason I have not posted a blog post for a long time, is that I have been sick with a bad cold.

As it has been a long time, I shall now tell you about all of  my key events of last week:

First, I will tell you about Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Those three days were not regular school days with Maths, English and all of that. This was because, some people were going to Arethusa.

Arethusa is venture centre in Kent. It is EXTREMLY fun. At Arethusa, you do lot of fun sport activities, which include: Rock Climbing, Swimming, Archery and lots of other great things. Also, you sleep in small dormitories!  And the food is DELICIOUS!

In my school, we get to go there with our class in Year 3 and Year 4.  You get the choice to go once or twice. I went last year, therefore I did not see the point to go again.

A mix of Year 3 and Year 4 went to Arethusa. The rest of the people who were not going, stayed at school. To make it fair, we did not have regular lessons, but we did fun activities and experiments.

I am now going to tell you some of the fun things we did:

We made Magic Mud (using Corn Starch and Water), we had an Egg Drop Contest, we made our own Board Games, we played Speed Stacks and many more. As you can see I had three great days.

As you know I go to a community music centre. Every Wednesday, I attend Band Workshop lessons. You get to play a range instruments there. I craved to go on drums, however there was a problem… someone else wanted to go on drums! 😦 DISASTER!

The person who wanted to go on drums was also very good at playing the Electric Guitar. The teacher asked me if I would like to play the Electric Guitar but I said no, as I am not good at it and I would wreck the song. He thought for a moment. He decided to put the other boy on to the Guitar and let me go onto Drums. Once I had heard those Glorious words my heart leapt for joy!!!! But I looked across the room and saw that the other boy had a sad face and was beginning to cry. 😦

The teacher spoke to him and asked him if he trusted him. In the end the poor boy had gotten over it.

Later on, I was even more happier to hear that we would be playing one of my favourite songs… Take Me Home by Jess Glynne! 🙂 I had so much fun playing the drums and I am so excited for next week’s lesson.

Finally, I am going to tell you about my Karate class, like I said I would.

On Fridays, I now attend Karate classes. Last week it was my second lesson, however it was meant to be my third. I missed the lesson before last, as I was sick like you  know. I will not tell much, as it is quite hard to summarise this event. I will tell you a bit about my warmup. First we had to do some simple lunges and kicks across the room. After,(here comes the killer…) we had to run to the end of the room and do 1 push up and run back to do 2 push ups the run to the other end of the room and so on until 5 push ups . Next, we did exactly the same thing but with Sit ups, followed by Burpees and finally Tuck jumps. As you would expect I exhausted after that! Later on, we practiced our kicks and punches. Lastly our sensei gave us all homework. My homework was to learn how to count in Japanese! 1= ichi, 2=ni, 3=san, 4=shi, 5=go…


So that’s it for today but stay tuned next time I will show you  how to make a Kreative Project! 🙂 AUREVOIR!



My trip to the theatre

Hi guys! What’s up? I am as sorry as I could have ever been that I have not done a post for quite a long time, even when I have an exciting post to do about my trip to the Royal Theatre in Stratford with my school! 😦 As it was a long time, I will tell you about my week.

Firstly, I will tell you about my trip to the theatre. I went to watch Sinbad the Sailor. It was a pantomime. In most of them, the story is changed. This show was no different to the others. They had made a whole story up that included Sinbad, Sinbada (his elder sister), a princess, a sultan, the evil Prince Nauseous, a monkey called Funky Monkey and his parents, a genie, a 9 headed monster and some drunken pirates.

I will tell you a short summary of the play. There was once a great adventurer named Sinbad. He travelled with his sister Sinbada and Funky Monkey. One day, they all went to the sultan’s and the Princess’s palace. The two royals were relieved to see Sinbad and his friends (Sinbada and Funky Monkey), as they had heard that they had drowned at sea and died. With the sultan’s permission he announced that he will retire from his adventures and asked to marry the Princess.

However, there was a problem… Prince Nauseous was already marrying her! To settle the matter, the royals decided that Sinbad and the prince should have a race. They should race to an island and search for a buried casket that belonged to the dead queen (the sultan’s wife) whoever found it and returned home with it would marry the princess. During the show, it was revealed to us that Sinbad was a scaredy cat and that he did not go on the adventures but Sinbada and Funky Monkey did! People thought that Sinbad went on the adventures as he told the story.

On the journey, they came across many hazards. There were poisonous bananas, a 9 headed monster, a storm and a genie working for the prince, however she helped Sinbad and his friends.

The story is far too long, therefore, I can not write it all. At the end of the story Prince nauseous gave the casket to Sinbad so he could marry the princess. They got married and in the wedding, they had a dance called the Funky Monkey where we could all join in as well! 🙂 I had so much fun at the pantomime, we even got ice cream at the break! But that was not my favourite part… a teacher from our school was chosen from the crowd to go up on stage and dance! He even had his own solo! It was HILARIOUS!!!

Also, to finish of I am over the moon to announce that I have got a new laptop!!! 🙂 . I gave some of my saving money and my parents paid the rest.

OH! I forgot. I started karate classes this week, but that can wait until next week.


So that’s it for today, AUREVOIR!


My week so far

Hi, guys! What’s up? I’m sorry that I have not written anything on my blog for a long time! 😦  . Today I am going to tell you a bit about my week so far.

I play the guitar. I go to a music community centre. You can not only learn guitar, but you can attend other classes. There are keyboard lessons, percussion lessons and band workshop.

Every year some people are nominated to get a bursary to go to Blackheath Conservatoire because you are doing well in your music. Amazingly, I got it!  🙂 . So now every Thursday I go to the Conservatoire and my teacher is called William.

However, this week, on Thursday I will be going on a school trip and I will be arriving quite late, therefore I will not be able to attend my guitar lesson. Kindly, William had allowed me to come on Monday. I had a great lesson and I learnt lots. I really enjoy playing the guitar.

So, that’s it for today. AUREVOIR!

P.S. Stay tuned to read about my day going to the theatre with my school!   🙂

My First blog post

Hi guys! It’s KK (Kreative Kenza)! Today, it was my first day back at school from the Christmas Holidays!  I am going to tell you a bit about my day! J

I live in London, in my school we sit on tables and our teacher gives us work suitable for each person depending on which level you are.  This year our table’s names are named after some of Roald Dahl’s books. The names are: Wonkas, Matildas, BFGs, Peaches, Foxes and Crocodiles. Today we were sat onto different tables, as it was the beginning of a new term. I was sat onto Wonkas for Maths like before and Matildas for English.

If you haven’t read any of Roald Dahls books you should read some.

In the afternoon, my class had a philosophy lesson. We read a book and at the end, our teacher asked us what questions we thought of. She wrote them all down and we had to vote for which one you would like to discuss with the class. The most popular one was: “Why do we have so many wars going around the world and everything linked to it”.  Surprisingly, it was really interesting!

So, that’s it for today, AUREVOIR!